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sunday 06/09/2009

Looking mainly to trade for multiple copies of Alec cr's, vickie cr's, Tessa cr's, Lamar Cr's, and Kerozzin cr's.
PM if your interested, thanks

Looking to buy Nahi and Miss Twice for around 105,000 clintz

I am wanting to buy the 2 in the tile for alec cr full xp and 40k the two in the title can be ful or 0xp

Close please

Im buying for 6700 put in my private salessmiley

Im buying zatman for 13000 clintz.

If u wish to sell zatman to me, pls put it in my private sale

Thank you MOD'S smiley

None taken smiley

Please close mods. Got a deal.

Thank you!!! smiley

I'm trading my 7 marco for tanaereva, charlie, copper and caelus..

you can offer your own bid..

I take back my offer to 5.4K.....

I also have

dragan cr
tessa cr
swidz cr
skullface cr

that i would like to trade for alec cr also

Did the deal, plz close. Thanks Mods smiley

Goin for 1800 so thats 100 clints under market value :]
pm me if ur intrested :]

Thanks, but I'm looking for fullexp idealy bcause I want to use her. So I can only offer my current trade.

I will buy a jackie for 22000

Buying zatman for 14000.pls


Tessa Cr + 72k clintz

For your:

Splata cr + Kerozinn cr

Please pm me if interested.


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