friday 07/08/2009

I trade my Chikko Cr , and I search Hawkins . Please write to me when you want to trade .

Close please

I want to buy this cards :
Chiara for 4000 clintz
Katan 2500 Clintz
Smokey 2300 Clintz

if anyone willing to sell those card with that price or less will be good smiley , than pm me or just put on my private sell

thx mod smiley

Bought. This may be closed. Thanks!

Simple trade, my Kerozinn Cr full for your Vickie Cr Full
Post Here or Pm Me.
Also accepting 100k clintz

Close please, Thanks!

Close plz sold thx mods

Please all i want is Miss Twice Cr and 28k

thursday 06/08/2009

I will take the package deal with the extra slugd for 18k

Done thanks .

close please .

Im Buying Jackie For 26k-27k Private sell it to me if you have a good heart smiley
So when i online ill just buy it thx

I'm in need of the following GHEIST;

Z3r0 D34d

I'm looking for all cards under the marketed price since I'm on a shortage of Clintz, especially for Z3r0 and Rolph. Please list your prices, as long as under marketed price or PM me for faster response.

I also have an Askai up for trade and a Nympheea (Suck card, I know but I'll throw it in for free or like a Platinum)


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Close please.

Just close it please

I wish I hadn't sold my Dragan for 180K Clintz lol

In the alternative: Dragan Cr full + Splata Cr full + Skullface Cr 0XP vs. Marlysa Cr.

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