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friday 04/09/2009

I will give a Lewis for multiples of Elliot.
The minimum number of Elliots I will take is 4 as he sells as low as 85 clintz from time to time and frequently for 90 clintz. Thanks!

Got it thanks close please mods

They can close the topic mods that kiki cr does not sell , I it remain in the showcase(store window)

Thankyou pls close i purchased the card

I have don enzo mona and fabio

Your elya cr for my 2 alecs crs and 5 terry crs. pm if you wants. Thanks mods

Mod you can Close this.

I'm trading my Chikko Cr (1* 0 exp) for Sylth + 3k.

Or I can sell it for 9,800.

PM me for a faster responce smiley

Thanks mods smiley

Anyone? No offers at all?

Selling her for 3999 pm me or post here

Trading for an Alec cr, pm if your interested, thanks smiley

Ok for me, let's trade!

Anybody? I can trade for other cards too

Got her close pleasesmiley

Respond in the next 30 minutes and get a Z3r0 D34dS
Starting at 12:00 Eastern time

Hey, just buy it in the market. 23.5 k there

PM me only if you've got a 5* Lao thx!

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