monday 13/07/2009


Trading my Tanaereva full xp + 1500 clintz for Tanaereva 0xp.

Basically looking for Smokey or Bloodh at cheaper prices if people want to sell - probably will only be able to afford the Smokey right now.

I mean lvl 4

Trading for skeelz

Pm me with offers

thx mods

Please close

All sold please close now modssmiley

Im looking for a Lamar Cr im willing to trade anything i have in my collection within reason pm me if interested


100 for burt

Trading My Ombre Cr full exp for either:
Market price in clintz
your vickie and ill add 5-10k depending on market.
your kerozinn and ill add 5-10k depending on market.
Your Miss twice Cr you add clintz depending on market.

Will also consider other reasonable offers.

Pm me of post here.
Regards foul

Buying Ryuichi U 4k...

Hopefully this post will be excepted by mods.....>.>

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