saturday 11/07/2009

Hey, I'd like to trade my Piranas for a Junkz offer.
I have all of the Piranas except Dalhia.
I'm not looking for all the Junkz, just a decent offer from someone who may have a few Junkz and would like to trade for Piranas.

Maybe he meant 10000 and missed a 0

36k instead of 31k

End of the sale, thanks !

Can anyone sell me a jessie for 1500 thanks!

Sorry guys, trading my Vickie Cr + Striker for your Lamar Cr, thanks for pointing out the mistake

Mutpltiples of jackie or alec 0xp


6 0xp of marco

i will add 6k card or clintz if u got 6 0xp marco

pm me or post ur offer

thx mods

Buying aylen 6.5k
thx mod

I got him. Please close this thread mods thanks smiley

Mod's please close found a better use smiley.

Suggest why dont you sell you ambre and nahi to buy vickie T_T smiley

All cards have been sold. Mods please close thank you smiley

Just got her, close please. thanks smiley

friday 10/07/2009

Buyin for 40k or u want more than 40k message me we might be able to make a deal.....
thx mod a big smiles 4 u smileysmileysmiley

Traded for em
close plz
thnx mods

I want a Mona. I'll pay 6100 for it.
PM me if interested.


Alright, they're sold. Close the thread.

4 vivki cr ;p

Close pls

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