monday 03/08/2009

Bought,Close this

Any offers?

Hi, I would like to propose the following trade:

My Sigmund Cr (0xp) for your Tessa Cr (full) + Miss Twice Cr (full) + Tanaereva (full) + Swidz Cr (full)

Reasonable other offers will be considered.

Thank you

Close please smiley

I really prefer those 2 trades but
non double = amount crs or good cards might be considered

also pm for faster replies

Or 70,000 plus a Jackie. ANYONE OUT THERE HELP ME?

I'm looking for Lulabee at her lowest amount of stars with 0xp on it..I'm also makeing trades fro her so leave a message or PM and ill get back to you...Thanks

If u interested just put them in my private sales i'll buy all of them

Wheeler - 235 Clintz
Greesh - 235 Clintz
Effie - 155 Clintz

Got a Nahi Cr 0xp what are offers, (i will trade for Nahi Cr full xp+ some clintz) But mainly looking for Zatman, Jackie, Graks, Petra, Uranas, Splosh, and Alec-doubles fine
i have a collection of other cards also found on my other thread.

Ill give you a timber

I have 46k anyone interested please put it in private sell thank you

thanks mods

Sold her smiley
close please

sunday 02/08/2009

Casio cr
and 20 k

Sorry i traded it
subject closed

Close please smiley Thanks

Lol it's less than that in market

No one ???

Close Please smiley Thanks

I have Alec now, just Marco left smiley

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