friday 10/07/2009

Blaaster and Willy?

Sorry but its a rip

Sorry this can be closed thank you

Do u have a Marina

I dont care full xp or not but i like it more on full xp

Pls close i bought it already

tnx mods

Mona and edd are out

Close mod

Soryy to everyone but it is off plz close this

Still looking Jackie for 26000 Clintz.

I have it

No i only need the cards above.

Aldebaran 0XP is valued at about 450k in french forum trades. There's no actual market for him. No one buys for cash.

Trading Veccio (440)
Somba (500)


Slopsh (500)

I'll buy b-ball for 484

@ PA ccWarPig: lol.... sure w/e u wanna say...
@ Defile: what?

Come on i need the clintz

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