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monday 25/01/2010

Subject clos

I want jackie at nay level except 4

Close this please

Lock this subject its not getting no where

Close Deal was made

sunday 24/01/2010

Check date guys.

Hi,i'm lookng for pan 0xp,put them directly in my vp for 2000 clintz
if u hav a lot of pan 0xp, i can trade my cr's for them
thx in advanc

II sell marina for 6400 Pm Me

Looking to buy Ulrich for about 1500, any exp. If you're interested, please just put it in my private sales. Thanks.

As topic says, XP doesn't matter.

Vicky Cr + Alec Cr

30000 contre ton Alec Cr

2 Vicky contre ton Flavio

Im selling my alec cr for 40,000 or more

Je t'échange 3 Keui + 1000 clintz contre ton zatman

Dsl je ne voi pas c qu'elle carte :s

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