sunday 02/08/2009

Please close

Close plzsmiley
i made a deal

I'll sell it for 15 500 , (it's can go down )

I will offer kerrozin cr >.>

So i will give u my kerozinn cr for ur miss twice cr and selsya cr ok please need them for elo deck and any other cards u migh need to trade just give me a call.

I am buying Nakata and Dreen

Dreen for= 170 each
Nakata= 350 each

Done and done Thanks you mods and please close

Buy Morphun for 16000 clintz

Mods Please Close already made a deal! smiley

Pm me i nid it 25k thx

Hey ill take some fuzzes 4 1263 clintz

saturday 01/08/2009

How do u get so much money

smiley thanks and close

It's been sold now, thanks mods smiley

The most current offer is 320k

Got a better one? smiley


I will Trade you Rowdy or Peeler or Gibson so plz Pm me

Just normal three stars?


Ok i have 7 0xp and 17 full xp I am looking for about 3840 that puts them all at 160 a piece

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