wednesday 08/07/2009

Trade my nahi Cr, dalhia, leviatonn and 8k.

pm me if you want to negotiate.

Because if he levels it the value of that particular card will drop. if he just trades for a full XP one the value of the card is preserved for a collector who would want one at 0 Xp

432/510 and still asking for hefty charity? I'll sometimes give super cheap cards to Seniors, but this is a bit much.

Cloze and thx mods

I have 16117 clintz. If anyone can sell me alec for that, I will be very grateful.

I'm selling my emeth for 6000 he a lvl 5, i have him at max so contact me if you are willing to buy him, message me


I'll take her, put her in my private sales with your best offer.

Pm me for offer or post for faster response smiley

i'm looking for around market price.. smiley


Im Buying Anita 0xp for 900 clintz private sale me smiley

**Side Note: Please do not complain of my Buying price**

Tags: Anita , Bad001

I'm buying Sylth for 7050, pm me plz. And full stars please.

Trading my Edd and Murphy for Glorg

Could you close this please mods, thankyou

I'll trade it for azel and sheitane


if that's the price

just buy directly in the market

Did you recieve my last offer?

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