saturday 01/08/2009


I will Trade you Rowdy or Peeler or Gibson so plz Pm me

Just normal three stars?


Ok i have 7 0xp and 17 full xp I am looking for about 3840 that puts them all at 160 a piece

I Sell: Prince jr for 1100 clintz

*Cough* multi-account *cough* smiley

Close please. Thanks smiley

I sold her for 700.000 Clintz!

Please close this!

Zatman-15100 (Price in Market)
Stanford-390 (Price in Market)
Samantha-200 (Price in Market)
Rubie-3900 (Price in Market)
Oxen-570 (Price in Market)
Nellie-1350 (Price in Market)
Frankie Hi-300 (Price in Market)
Burt:630 (Price in Market)
Janine-240 (Price in Market)

= 22.680 smileysmileysmileysmiley

Close please smiley

Just leave it in private sales. tnx

Looks like Nick could have it

Ok no one ok plz close

Pls close

My Marina for your Striker?

How about 3500 pm if you will accept the offer

Ill sell jenna for 600

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