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sunday 24/01/2010


saturday 23/01/2010

3500 - preferabley maxxed

If you can, then put it in my private sales smiley

I need a kolos for 15000

Looking to buy Gaia, Lahane and Jeff WITH NO XP!
Message me if you want to sell.

Lvl 1 2 or 3 lvl 4 stars for 300 each

Have someone keroinn cr, vickie cr or ombre cr ?

Traded smiley
close please

You have all rescue ?
and all sents?

Close please....thanks again mods

Sorry vendu

Sujet Closed

Close please mods smiley

Can i buy a marco off u

I' find it
Subject close

Striker - 8,500
Marina - 6,500

Is unagi lvl 1 and if so do u have more then 1


Ill give you all the leaders minus elkore because i am almost lvl 50

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