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monday 31/08/2009

Redra - 190
Greem - 300
Cley - 230
sandro - 110

Just put them in my private sales smiley


Mod close plz.

Lol i wanna swap one of my near 0xp one for a completely 0xp one

I am not selling my cards smiley

Have a look at the title and it says [Trade]

1 seldg

The market price is 8500

No bites? dont look like a bad offer


Price : 4 500 (180 Clintz a piece)

PM me your offer.

I have vickie cr and tessa cr for trade
im looking for multples of
jackie, tanaereva, graksmxxt and wee lee

Well it's actually around 11k with miss chloe. Still nowhere remotely close to Jackie's market value, though.

Requesting for thread closure I'm done.

50000. In private sales please.

Its 8.5k now

Close please

7k for tje aforementioned card smiley

Anibal for Aurora, Kerry and sledg?

Well, you said it yourself, some are not good. Actually, some are VERY bad...

Post your offers here, thanks.

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