friday 31/07/2009

Close , I have trade him

Selling eklore for 15800, pm me for quicker response please. Thank you

Please close

I need full xp please

Deal is done. please close mods

Close please

Jackie for 25k
Zatman for 13k

Just Private Sell if you want..
Thanks smiley

Mods, please lock/delete. Cards have been bought.

I am gonna throw in a Sharon too!

Selling Eklore for 15800, pm me if you want a quicker response : )

Close Please

Please close

But Shogunn is worth 1200...

Hi Guys!

I'm a graphic and i want to use my good quality to create a lot of very beautiful Avatar in alla kind for a cheap cost..
I have a lot of customers yet..and they talk that i'm a fenomenous smiley
I want to say also that i have a ultimate programme of graphics and i can do all that you want!!!
you must only say me what do you want and i will do it in few hours ;D


You can pay me or with a card that you choose ( that is'nt chaper of 600 clintz) or with 600 clintz..

i want to put here some of my works and i hope that a lot of player contact me smiley



I don't interested in your offert svaiorsmiley

I've got one now so this can be closed smiley

thursday 30/07/2009

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