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thursday 21/01/2010

I forgot to say, I have a graksmxxt to trade for your yayoi/charlie plus clintz acording to their values

S0ld mod`s close this subjectsmiley

How many is "many"?

What you are offering is not close to her price

18 Asporov 0xp - 10,000 clintz (555each)
42 Deebler 0xp - 15,750 clintz (375each)

Would like to sell as complete units. Message or post. Thx

Sold; mods please close the topic

I still need


I trade my Kang 0xp + clintz for your Emma.
PM me if you're interested.

Looking to trade my Melissa Cr (0 XP) for Melissa Cr full xp+ 45 k clinks.

For 3000 clintz

I have an offer of 1 Chikko Cr. for both...
Any other offers?

Close please and thanks

I can sell you askai for 1400 adler for 600 scopica for 2700 mindy for 1300 and redak for 500 ang bohma for 200 and bubba for 700

I somehow think that he won't accept your offer

Bummer, thanks anyway.

I'm offering mona, marco + 5,000 clintz for your ambre..

pm me if interested..


Close this mods thx! smiley

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