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sunday 16/08/2009

I sold Miss Ming already

Which ambre u talking abt???

I wanted them lol at least i have skrummxxt

Mods pls close thx

saturday 15/08/2009

Stop hating on him for overpricing a card.
People sell em cheap and ruin the card, By doing this when those 11 are bought, then its gonna be like 90k again. Then you have him to fall on if you need one between the time they are bought befor emroe are put up.

Do not listen to her. Your offer is fine.

Just wait he will go down in price

Please close

Sell done,
topic can be closed

He was lying jismark.... lol

Do you have Kolos

I will sell you Gabrielle for 3,001

Why don't you just sell him to Kate

PM me with your offer mate.

Close Please smiley

Thanks el moderators

I'm looking for jungo 0xp. So i give my skeel'z 0xp.
All characters ! smiley
Not juste one, or two =)
Mp me, i can add something =)

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