monday 20/07/2009

Close please as no one has sold me 0xp crystals or sai sans.

Thanks Mods, you can close! smiley

Close this please


Pm me

Il do it and il give u an extra ironefield full lvl smiley

I am currently wanting to trade fuzz and dreen for veenlyne pm me with offer
All pms will be greatly appreicaited

Thx mods

Im Buying Kolos for 14 000 - 15 000
Also Alec for 14 000 - 15 000
I need many timbers for lvl up i need it 0xp tell me ur offer ill buy it 150clintz each thx

Close This Subject Please thx

Close pls

Ill add additional 700 clintz for it to be a fair deal

Ill buy 5 for 1k?

Why on the market there only 100-140 clintz from what i saw. smiley

She has been sold.

I am looking to sell a Miss Twice Cr (max).

The terms are either one of the below.
75,000 in clintz
15 Chiara

My terms are non-negotiable, so please don't ask for a lowered price or a different trade.

I follow a "first come-first serve" procedure, unless someone makes an offer that's *above* my default terms. E.G. Adding another Chiara to the trade.

If you're interested in purchasing or trading for my Miss Twice Cr, please PM me.
In the PM, please include which payment you're offering (either clintz or Chiara x15).

Never mind. I purchased an Askai a few minutes ago for 490. In the market.

Please close mods. the sale has been completed.

thank you!!!smiley

PLease CLose MOds THank YOu

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