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thursday 13/08/2009

I need like 5 of 1* star Gyro cards.

it's for this deck:

there's like all 2 star gyroes in the market
i'll buy them for 260 Ctz each.

I am willing to buy an Asporov for between 350-400. It doesn't matter if it is maxed or not.

Elya cr

so people can look at the price smiley

Please close
this thread is a month old

Close subject plz

wednesday 12/08/2009

I will change my Kerozinn Cr for Miss Twice Cr + difference in cards or clintz...

PM me or write here. Thanks.

Cause he thinks that she will be a Cr...

How much would you pay.

I have Tomas Cley and Greem. how much you want them ??

Close mods. my sledgs are selling like hotcakes on open market

Thank you!!!!!!

Just get tomas,aylen, and caelus and split it with a good half deck counterpart... like montana, nightmare, or all-stars

Hello, will omeone help me out with accepting that deal? smiley

Can you put your deck here

You can close the thread.

Close please.

Still lookin

Please close. trade already made. thanks mods!

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