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friday 11/12/2009

Want to buy Alec CR. Will give 40k + Toro + Rolph for him.

Anyone ??

Ill buy it for 10k pm me

Finally i have the funds. PM me Seldnor Cr with your offer.
I am hoping to pay anywhere from 24,000 - 27,000 Clintz.

Player does not have these cards, thread is closed

All take 10 for 700 each

To Ottavia + Rubie
or Rubie+another...

I will give you my slopsh (max xp) for a Lucia (xp doesn't matter to me) if your interested pm me


No anyone smiley

If you double the price...

Close this
i got copper

Can i get a vermyn n for 8k, if so please send it to my PS, thanks very muchsmiley ♡♡♡

Offers should start with 50 clintz?

What cards you need?

Got it.

Please close this now.


I am looking for Rowdy + Peeler + Veenyle , I hope u can make me an offer under the market price so that I dont buy them there, I am also accpeting trades if u will... plz say something to me regarding this smiley

thursday 10/12/2009

Change thanks close the post

Any trade ?????

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