wednesday 29/07/2009

If you dont mind them being full xp then i have them both


I'm trading 23 Ongh s and 10 Slyth s which is about 379 000 ctz for 12 Jackie s

Close please

Wait is this trade ombre or for

Close deal done smiley

Close pls

For 3 Jackies (0xp)


3 Jackies (Full) + Chikko Cr

PM me, I can buy him full for 7500 on the market, and that's his most used stage...

Why are you selling graksmxxt for 20000? he doesnt even cost that much but i guess you need the clintz

Mods plz close this

I will give Miss Twice CR, the rest of the GHEIST clan (minus the other 2 CRs sigmund and sesyla), and some of the expensive piranas cards to make up the rest of the difference (Bloodh, Dahlia, hawkins, Katan).

tuesday 28/07/2009

10k ? are u mad ? She worth 2k, just as Rolph, this exchange is fair smiley

Ill bey em both

70000 clintz, open to offers though.

Let me think about the last offer there the beltran cr ongh and eklore +5k for ombre

Put them in my private sales

Lelena for rolph

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