tuesday 28/07/2009

Manfred for 800 expire n 2miues hurry up

Pm me for more details & I'm looking forward to it, thanks smiley

Looking for Dragan Cr. Trading up to 500k in clintz and cards. Pm if interested

I want to buy randy

I buy a
for 550 clintz
mesage my

I'm looking for a Shakra with 0xp on it at it's lowest form. Leave offers or PM me..Thanks

Actually, will trade for a Marlysa Cr or 7 Vickie Cr's Full.

Close please.thks for allowing this mods!

All the skeelz for all the piranas and gheist? is that what you said

Already sold sorry to say ty for the offers though.

PM me if u wanna know more thanks.

Buying a Ratanah, or could trade, please post your offer, thanks smiley

Close Please

Close Please

Pm me your offers
if trade
i need most staple in a half deck

thats an example
thanks mods

Mods close plz

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