monday 27/07/2009

I am not trying to be mean but i dont think someone would sell it that low almost 10k short of starting market value

Sum sam cr is also a tricky one for 0xp seeing as he is usable at any time with 6 power. so if you decide to use himat 2*s like ive seen people do then u decrease the amount of 0xp thus increasing the price.

Ill buy all for 12.5k... or leave price

Close this plz thnx

Sorry sold mods pls close

My dragan + havok+ hawk + miss chloe + skiner all full xp incase you need a deck to back him up

if yes just pm me

Please close

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Good luck smiley

Im sure we can work something out. I am willing to part ways with my full sets of Junkz, La Junta, and Roots. Let me know!!! Pm me asap.

Thanks all

Ill give you a hawk 4 jackie

I will trade u my 9 skeels for her

I will trade u my sasha and cley plus 3k for kenny

Please pm me if intrested...

Im looking for a 0xp caciope or more than 1 if u have any let me know how much u want...or message me and we can negotiate a price. Thanks.

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I can trade you prince jr and fuzz and liam from skeelz

sunday 26/07/2009

Close plz negotiation done


Ill trade fuzz lvl 3 and prince jr lvl 2 for methane

How many clintz u have and then we can tlk

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