sunday 26/07/2009

New deal

1K discount

Close please

Or im just trading nahi cr for jackie zatman striker and 5000 clintz
but be trusted or ill called a mod to help me if you scam

You can close this now. Thanks mods.

I'm looking for Shakra at it's lowest lvl with 0xp.......Around 5k if you can......Leave offers or Pm me...thanks

Done with the trade.

Thank you to HRA, Slick, Ghost and Ghaims. smiley

Of course, thanks to Daexen too! smiley

Please close merm. smiley

Fuzz to Miranda

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Mod closplz.

Selsya Cr, Miss Twice Cr, amd Vickie Cr are what im looking for right now

I can give u:
and Zdrone

I'll sell ielena and azgroth for 4k both. smiley

Close please smileysmiley

I'm selling for 37100 maybe less

500k in cards smiley

Any offers?

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Close Please...Thank You

Ive got a marco, 0xp to sell/trade , pm if interested

Mods pls close both of my posts

Jeff Jard12.....dude, you can have Chiara for free!

Na, there's no way that's happening.

Please close mods. Thanks!

I'm looking for Shakra at it's lowest stars with 0xp......I'm looking for it for around 5k or so..leave offers...Pm me...or just send your offer to me privately and if I like it I will take it...thank you

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