friday 24/07/2009

Would appreciate if someone sold him to me for around 19,000

I have a Vickie Cr it's full xp.

Close whenever you like mods smiley Thanks!

Im trading kenny for tomas+clints...
pls give me a discount for maybe a thousand clints?..

Jeeves and Nistarok for skrum.

I sell it for 1500.

I have a lennox how is dat 4 ur kolos

Close please

I trade my Vickie cr full + 2000 for a vickie cr 0xp
send me a message with your offert
thanks smiley

IF you have an ombre cr or a award cr ill swap but for ombre ill add more

Im trading my lulabee for ayle

Buying all nimestiec for 103 each

buying all dreen for 150 each.

just put them in my PS and i'll buy them fast.

thanks mods.

I'm Trading hawk for wardog and bryan

or for emeth i'll add 1000

I will buy the entire deck for 4k instead of 3980

I didnt realize she started at 2 stars so i guess at 2 stars 0xp im looknig for..thank you.

Not selling any more

Selling gabrielle lvl 2 for 3550.
Open to offers.

thursday 23/07/2009

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