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friday 21/08/2009

Yeah :] hes right :]

Close please

thanks mods!!

Cancel copper,coby,havok,chloe

n add lehane to the list.

lehane 1000 clintz

Hi.im looking for hawk and havok for 7k+i give one card for 50 clintz.

Buying hax for 5800 PM me if u want nageoation :]
but if not just put them in my private sales :]


Ill add 1k, just add anita.

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Got it. Close please. smiley

Since no one is interested for a trade, please close.


Thread closed! Sold out!

thursday 20/08/2009

Selling copper for 13000 Clintz. Pm me for response please. Thanks

Wow i didn';t even know this was active still
close please I sold them awhile ago

Copper 13.5k + 2k = 15.5 k
zatman = 15.5 k
good trade but im not up for it

Ya it is 16k for 4 star but it is also onli 13k for 5 star

On_Nsane your right

wilffire your asking for 2 much .

My last bid now.

I only need Chiara and Aylen.smiley

I got 3125 for a chiara if anyone is interested please pm me by tonight.

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