thursday 23/07/2009

Anyone could sell me Alec For 13k(thats all i have now)

if anyone is willing to sell me one pm me or write here.

Ill trade sting message me

Ou contre un Kenny full smiley

All infos in the title

Sell me your spare Chiara for 2000 clintz

Teckdomm i alredy got dreen for 150 sorry and your price is make me anger market price dreen is 150-220

I want both cards for vholt

Hi to allsmiley..i'm selling my elya cr oxp for only 180k...just pm me if you want to buysmileysmiley


Hahahagb: scammer
good luck for ur research Love 2 Hate Me smiley

Ill buy 1 for 1000 just sell to me in private

In her good day 1500, I sell mines 2100 (;

Close this please mods

So heres wats up i need a Katan full lv and im giving up:
a Sting 800 full level
a Crassus 2k
and 800 clintz
equals 3.6k
4 a Katan wich is 3.6k its a gud deal pm me if you are interested plz

Please close mods... i'm done trying to sell cards on here.

Thank you :smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


im buying Nimestiec i need 2 000 of this

pm me if u got bulk

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