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thursday 20/08/2009

I'm looking for Jackie price is 26k just private sell it, TY.

Its that simple. pm me with the offer

Looking to purchase Sledg for 3k. If you are interested, please pm me or put him in my private sales. Thanks.smiley

@ ernie2 : about 125 redra

@ Alvin maker: dont need seldnor cr

@ blue dagger: Add more

Already bought close please

I am going by average market price. Her price at the moment is around 300 and rising. and Coby's price will go down after this week is over and hawk is banned so the trade is very fair.

Trade done.

close plz.

Only 3H to go!

leading :
King Setsuna
181 Clintz per head


I am trading 13 El Gringo for YOUR Chikko cr

If anybody is interested please contact me.
Your help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I'll trade you Boris for Niva

What do you want for kenny

Hello, i will trade 2 Alec 0Xp for 2 little cr's ( casio, geuner ..)

Pm me if interested.

Thanks Mod's.

Graksmxxt gone and i now have 85k in clintz

I have Psylo

wednesday 19/08/2009

Man i will never beable to a cr card =( an my b-day is this 28 th would of been a nice gift

I got 12k atm but i will save up to more got some card that i can trade too. PM me please.

Trade miss chloe lv 3 for chloe (any level)

Close cards are gone thx mod

Trade you a fei plz let me know thru pm thanks.

Particularly looking for Charlie now

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