wednesday 22/07/2009

Now selling bridget

Put anita and elvira in my private sales.. il buy if its lower than market..

If none is interested i'll close the subject at the end of the day smiley

I'm only have 13 154 clz left , Who can sell me ?

Ill buy for for 2000C if anyone wants to sell

Are u for real corner gas??
cause i'll give u 500 for it

Private message me for offers. thanks

Im buying chiara at a low price..
pm me ur price..

Please lock this thread i already got him thank you

Wanting to buy uranus for 5000 just sell to me in private thanks

Trying to make an ELO

I need Rolph, Toro, ZeroDead, Marina, Robb, and Jessie


tuesday 21/07/2009

Trading my Swidz Cr+my Jackie for your Jim Cr, pm are greatly appreciated, or post down here, thankssmiley

Mods can you please close this; it was 2 months ago lolsmiley

Close this mods thanks

Nvm no deal xD

That was fast! Card Traded! Please close! Thanks Mods!!!! smileysmiley

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