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monday 26/10/2009

I'm looking for a ongh trading Charlie + Baby Q + Clintz

I'm willing to pay around 5000. PM me if you have a free Coby.

Plz people i'm buying a dalhia for 12k or less plz someone help me out

Anymore offers?

Can you people not understand English?

Wow she is asking 2 much 9.6k

sunday 25/10/2009

Or you can buy all for 12.5k

Do you need bangers ?

I would like to trade Dragan Cr 0xp for
Splata Cr + Kerozzinn Cr + Ombre Cr.

If you are interested in Dragan Cr and have another offer, feel free to PM me. Thanks

Mods close this plz

Thats nearly half market price I doubt you well get that

I got kenney for olga,sledge +2000 clintz

I dnt have ottavia. sphiagi + donnie if u like

30k + Jackie + Tanaereva
Alec Cr 0 exp

As the title says, i have some extra cley to trade for Kristin
7 cleys 0xp and 3 cleys at level 2

1 kristin for 1 cley

Onik 500
Dash 475
Malmoth 525
Fuzz 950
Gibson 1700
Nobrodroid 2450
Taham 3350
Peeler 4100
Rowdy 5800

For your Marlysa Cr

PM me if interested..

Thanks mods..

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