tuesday 21/07/2009

Please close mods! I got a different offer to post, lol

Swidz Cr for 26,000 can any one help will put a Chiara in the deal

Gee thanks...smiley

but im still buyin for my collection smiley

This subject can be closed, i trade it for a Kerozinn Cr smiley

How much money are you willing to add?

How much for Aylen

Got a deal.
Thanks Mods,
Please close thread

Jus got here you can close now mods

Send me a message and i'll give it to you.

Calz-no fry sold me Striker.
Thank you very much!
and thank you mods for facilitating!.
Please close thread.

Close he is away.

Please Close Mods

I only have 22748 clintz

Put it in my ps

I want everything

Ummm...he already said it's closed

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