wednesday 24/06/2009

Trading page cr for jackie

Anybody can exchange my 3* Blaaster for Graxmxxt

Just pm me...

Thnx Moderators..n_n

Ill buy jay for 7k even
just ps me please

Thanks Mods

I got splatar but

give me

vickie + dhalia + hawkins + charlie

Looking to buy Vickie Cr for 95,000 clintz
Willing to negotiate


I buy Dorian Full or 0xp 8000 clintz

Thankz Moderators,

He needs Vickie to buy it, and good luck bro smiley

Admin close pleaze

Subject is closed.

tuesday 23/06/2009

Close please
Ian wins

150 on market

Sold close please

Close please, thanks.

I'll trade Skullface Cr

Mods Please close, it sold.

Admin close please

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