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wednesday 02/09/2009

Thanks Mods, all done, please close.

The cheapest Gheist CR you can get is Selsya CR which is about 50-60k clintz...and Miss Twice CR is at 70-80k...I don't know about your deal...but I guess you getting a Gheist CR with those cards are next to impossible.

As i tittle say im willing to buy you're ambrose cr oxp for 150k in clintssmiley or trade it to my other cr,s cards

just pm me smileyif you want to negotiatesmiley

tnanks mod

Close pleasesmiley

Pm me if you are still interested

Mods, you can delete this now. And thanks!!!smiley

Lowest offer please


i will buy vickie cr for 95000 pls send me a pm


tuesday 01/09/2009

@ onlyChaos. Um lets see you may be a guru and 2 lvls higher than me, but I promise you I have been playing longer and know how these things work...Oh don't get me wrong his price will go up...But after a long while...So I think this mans offer is legit

So one other want my cards ??
plz send me private msg

Close please bought one

I dont think anyones that dumb sorry

Buying Steve From rescue paying 3500/Leave offer Private message me for faster results.

The price is dropping you should wait, it will continue to drop this time as so many people have doubles and also lots of people have atleast one alec and wont spend the cash yet to get another one....

give it more time and you could save a mint.......

I wish to trade Charlie (U) currently level 2 and valued on the market at 13,100 for Slyth+Kreen or Niva, or Greow. I will accept Kreen plus one of the other mentioned cards for a straight trade as Charlie currently sells on the market at level one for 10,000 right now.

If you have Slyth plus two of the others I can add a Beetenka. Trade values might equal approximately 13,530 value on my side for approx 13,000 value on your side. This may be a good trade for you. PM me or post it here. Thanks.

Send a PM or post here your ofers!

Hello i buy this cards

Dalhia (U) 14 000 clintz
Ongh (U) 12 000 clintz
Caelus (R) 6000 clintz
Bloodh (R) 6500 clintz
Tomas (R) 1500 clintz


Just need Rowdy, Gill and Peeler. I can do trades for the individual cards as well with the ones I have listed.

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