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thursday 06/08/2009

Im Buying Jackie For 26k-27k Private sell it to me if you have a good heart smiley
So when i online ill just buy it thx

I'm in need of the following GHEIST;

Z3r0 D34d

I'm looking for all cards under the marketed price since I'm on a shortage of Clintz, especially for Z3r0 and Rolph. Please list your prices, as long as under marketed price or PM me for faster response.

I also have an Askai up for trade and a Nympheea (Suck card, I know but I'll throw it in for free or like a Platinum)


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Close please.

Just close it please

I wish I hadn't sold my Dragan for 180K Clintz lol

In the alternative: Dragan Cr full + Splata Cr full + Skullface Cr 0XP vs. Marlysa Cr.


I have a mona now , thread closed

I think he means each 9k and both together 18ksmiley

The only offer is - I give General Cr 0xp + NDololo Cr + Sigmund Cr for Kiki cr

unfortunately - I dont need General CR

I will trade wakai and jenna for arno but will have to give you 1 at a time since i have not bought credits yet im allowed to sell 1 a day.ill trade jenna first cause its more expenisive.

No longer look for card no more offers

Plz cl;ose mods



Mods please close.

As the post says, I am trading a Lamar Cr for 13 GraksmxxTs. If you have 13 GraksmxxTs and want a Lamar Cr, pm me and hopefully we have a trade.smiley

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