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tuesday 01/09/2009

I am selling Anibal for 11-12k. Trades acceptable, depending on the characters. Pm or leave a post. Thanks smiley

monday 31/08/2009


close topic

Ther like 5000 each on the market

Prize: 10500 clintz

mp me

I will buy Nistarok for 2100.

I am selling 125 shogunn for 125,000 clintz..

please contact me if your interested ..

Hey guyz alec just turned (Cr) and i want one around the area of 60k if you want to shift yours then gimme a private message

I agree with oneone

Close pls

Paying 6000 for Shakra now smiley and 1700 for Arno.

just put in my private sale
thx mods

Sold. close this.

Close please .

Close please. Trade has been made.

Sigmund cr 0xp + Ombre cr full

Thanks mods, close pls.

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