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tuesday 01/09/2009

11 cards
ashigaru, havok, melvin, miss chloe, john, rick, dayton, aurelia, luis, klaus, malia

Hi everyone!

I would like to trade my Lao cr 0exp for
Marlysa cr full + 40000 clintz


Anyone who has an extra sasha, willing to trade her for el gringo, gyro and dolly plus 250 clints? pm me. thank you mods.smiley

Auction Ended... No One Offered... Too Bad!!!
[CLOSE THIS] sold this for 16500 by the way!

I have all non cr uppers all stars and sentinel plus i would like to add in a graksmxxt i have calculated this to apporximately 128k

i am looking for a vickie cr + 27k, splata cr, kerozinn cr + 23k or nahi cr + 72k
Ty mods and please pm me if you have any sort of offer other than this.

I have those skeelz you need pm me

I am trading this preset for 2 Dragan Cr and 2 Tessa Cr


Pm for faster response

thanx mods

[BUY] Gil and Rowdy

For any right.....

@ sliverton a sent you a PM

Sorry. I didn't want to bump this, but it's already been taken care of, so if a Mod could take care of this thread, that would be great.


im buying alec cr for 50,000 clintz


thx mods

Ok put it in my private sales ill get the money

I would like to trade 3 terry for Page Cr.
Depending on the market I will add clintz.
Pm me for offers or post here.

Thank you mods

I am selling Anibal for 11-12k. Trades acceptable, depending on the characters. Pm or leave a post. Thanks smiley

monday 31/08/2009


close topic

Ther like 5000 each on the market

Prize: 10500 clintz

mp me

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