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tuesday 03/11/2009

There is a guy trading for a guru offering lyse teria on the first page check it out

Sold all of my cards except elo deck and DT deck and I have 101,653 clintz. Anyone will to sell?

monday 02/11/2009

Add 300 Clintz and Kristin

Actually i dont need it anymore any more offers.......

Sasha for Terry

Triple i think ruby is a human

Lulabee lucia miss lulabee manfred sheitane

I want ur Terry Cr wat da u want?

HEY YAMI WATCH UR MOUTH WILL U BY THE WAY I ALREADY HAVR19 Terry Cr BY NOT PLEADIN!!!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I have a Lulabee and i need a terry cr

Thankyou Fast Is Fun, i have been watching that auction just wanted to see if any english players had one they wanted to trade.
bu tlooks like ill have to renew my french

I´ve Igniss, Nyema, Filomena and Milovan, all 0XP

Ill sell u my myke and bridget

I want shogunn ill give u a zdrone and a vanssar

Close please mod and ty

Can anyone explain why people do that? I notice sometimes people tell the trader to PUT AWAY one or two of their offering card(s)/or money and still carry on the deal. Why? is it just generosity or is there some logic behind this...?

Selling Yayoi (U) (U) for 8k, pm me for quicker deal.

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