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wednesday 05/08/2009

Subject closed

As I said I will trade my Kerozinn Cr full exp for Vickie Cr full or 0 xp, it doesn't matter. I may add some clintz, but not too much. PM me or write here.


I am looking for rescue cards
i have around 700 clintz if anyone is kind enough can you sell me a card cheaper than the market
pls i really need help
thnx modssmiley

My Vickie full+ 5000 for a Vickie 0xp
Everything is here!
Send me a private message and a message here!

Please PM me or setup offer if your willing!

Still looking! keep them coming!

tuesday 04/08/2009

Ok I'll send you a trade. Pls close this thread, thanks.

You are so funny people smiley

I could sell it for 265k

Looking to buy Zaman for 15k, thankssmiley

For eyrik

Please close mods!

Close Please

All gone please close

Mods please close

Mods you may close this now !

Thanks !

Please close mods

I'm Still Online Now
Hope Generous people will sell her to me smiley

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