monday 22/06/2009

Close please

I thought its obvious that Im trading Splata Cr for Lamar Cr smiley, but I kinda see where you coming from smiley

I will give you 4 skeels like jay liam redra and danae and more just hit me up and ill try and get you whatever else you want


I m looking for nightmares within 1k-3k

Please close all these cards are being put on the market.

His "brother" has it. However he's blacklisted so he can't post. I would understand if you were taking the place of your brother after he posted this to sell it, however I don't really think you can sell it for him. Blacklist mean no access to forum. I'm sorry but this is part of the blacklist and you can't sell for others.

Sylth (U)
Ongh (U)
Kreen (R)
Greow (R)
Chill (U)
GraksmxxT (R)
SkrumxxT (R)
Lost Hog (C)
Ryuichi (U)
Chloe (R)
Miranda (U)
Hawk (R)
Lehane (U)
Dayton (C)
John (U)

I would like to buy Lyse Teria CR. I know it value is higher than 5.000.000 clintz.
Please let me know, if you have this card for sale. We will negotiate using PM.

Thank you !


sunday 21/06/2009

Im selling my newly won Vholt for 54K please i know hes 52 k on market but mines at max level , i honestly dont think he should be worth what he is (he should be worth more) but i need the clintz so im willing to sell
any offers please pm me .


OK, you are right so instead of Bridget and scubb i offer Kreen & Nobrodroid-both max lvl (it's 2900+ 3900 =6800)

Im looking to buy a liu for about 2k
Pm me if u want to negotiate

Im sure a lvl 55 imperator can play 19 clintz more to get a boohma

Yeah. for yousmiley

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