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saturday 15/08/2009

I'm looking to buy marco for 12.5k-13.k please p.m me if intrested

Mods u can close this now

thnk u

I'm looking for Fei, the newwst member of the clan. I'm willing to trade for any card from the Fang Pi Clang. I have all of them, but the Crs

friday 14/08/2009

How much you want for Hawkins, Dalhia and Katan?
message me

You can close it
already sold the card

Buy Swidz for 30k. Pm me.

Its less on the market lol

I wanna buy mona for 6000-6200 clintz.
avery body who want PS me.

Sigmund is gone, close please.

700 clintz

any one ps me

Who want Emeth? trade in your Coby

Close Please smiley

PM me mate, I've got an Emeth I could probably part with for the right price.

I'd take Manfred_WMD or apple321 up on one of those offers, currently a bit higher than market smiley
I'd make an offer, but I'm not willing to go over market.

rubo11's offer is quite decent right now too.

Close this plz

Pm if u r interested

Close please

thursday 13/08/2009

Well its 400 for 0xp on the market and hes decreased the price so il buy it pm me smiley

I give my Dwain Cr and 1k clintz

Please delete

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