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sunday 30/08/2009

6300 - 7000

He's an osmond...

Will some one sell me a Bridget 5* for 350 clintz or less?

Ill sell marco for 10,000

Trade my 0exp Splata Cr for a Full exp one.
Thank you.

smiley he allready stated its under market price.

Lamar Cr full
Terry Cr (C) 0xp
chikko Cr full
kerozinn Cr full
marlysa Cr full
seldnor Cr full
dyio Cr full
geuner Cr full
splata Cr full
miss twice Cr full
selsya Cr full
vickie Crfull
ambrose Cr full
dwain Cr full
ombre Cr full
thaumaturge Cr 0xp
cassio Cr full
Alec (U) 0xp
beltran Cr full
nahi cr full
page cr full
reine cr full
swidz cr full
tessa cr full
chad bread cr full
armanda cr 0xp
jim cr full

Title says it pm me a price or offer with what nomal cards you want not crs or leave something here

thanks mods

Close please. smiley

I am still looking...

but as Dalhia is a little more expensive, i will trade

1 Chikko 0xp + 2000 for a full + 2500 for a 0xp
Or 1 Ongh 0xp + 1000 for a full + 1500 for a 0xp

Petra - 1700
Uranus - 4500
Wakai - 450
Murray - 650

My slyth 0xp for a vermyn n both sold in private for 50 clintz any offers pm me or post here

I offer 10k and an ambre will negotiate more

Ty mods

I want to trade my Sylth for a Striker. I will also add some clintz if needed. THNX!

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