friday 17/07/2009

Alot cheaper on the market.

Pls close i sold all of them

She is in the market with full exp going for 980

Sujet clos jai deja vendu il y avait personne qui en voulez

Nvm the price went way down this morningsmiley

I Will make it , only for 3 Dreens . Ok ?

Now take out sylth and you get to my price smiley my nahi cr is 0xp btw. so it gives you 2k excess smiley

Sold, close please

So i have to trade u seven chans for one coby

CLose please, i buy him smiley
Thanks mods!

MOD Please close this thread =)

The following cards in these sets
Gil (U) Rowdy (R) Gibson (C) and Dreen (U) Mona
ill be trading Morphun for those and then i need
Edd (R) Spiaghi (C) and Prince Jr
which im trading 2 Smokey for(overpriced)

I have scopica, scotty, & chill. i'm willing to trade it if you have skeelz. smiley

Mods please close

Congrats to Amatenosu

Mods lease close

Any lvl
pm me please
thanks mods/admins

Thanks admin, please close!

Trading my Morphun full Xp for your Dalhia and Hawkins any lv, thankssmiley

Glosh Elvira and Hax are not available anyomre

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