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sunday 01/11/2009

I'm looking for 2 alec cr , i trade with a kerozinm cr

thx mod

LoL, noone will give you that for present.. smiley

Itz market valu

e is 3450.......................

I am now offering 4 one star fillers 0xp

Pm me if u have an offer

Thanks mods u can close now

saturday 31/10/2009

Sold, Please close, thx.

I have them.
reply me back by a private message so we can make an agreement.

Close please...

Yessmiley it works, pls pm me if you have a card

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Niva Buck Cassandra Naginata graksmxxt arkn edd askai bruce dacote joao spiaghi
Would like to trade for cheap Cr's just make me offer
Thanks Mods

Who can sell me a wardog for 1500?

Got vermyn n
now only need jiucy lord for 3k ..private sale me

Cmon people

Close message thanks mods

Trading 2 Alec Cr's 0xp for Kerozinn Cr or Ombre Cr. Pm if your interested, thanks

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