friday 19/06/2009


You do realise when new crs come he will og higher sooo m8 u can if you want but i would stick with it


I want to trade My:

Hawkins(Full Exp)
Smokey(Full Exp)

for your:

Charlie (Any Exp is excepted)

I would also like to trade my:

Rolph (Full Exp)
Methane(Full Exp)
Brimstome (Full Exp)
Tula (Full Exp)
Tyd (Full Exp)
Darth (Full Exp)

for your:

Yayoi (Any Exp accepted)

I am also willing to negotiate. PM me with offers if you are interested. I would preferably like to trade for both at the same time, but if not, that is okay too. I'm willing to work out a deal. Thanks.


Close please!
Nobody is willing to sell.

> > I was wondering f you would take a trade.
> >
> > 63k
> > Alec=34k
> > Marco=16k
> > Kerry=9k
> > Auora=6.6k
> > Anita2.3k
> > Lea=1.1k
> > Elvira=3k
> > Ambre15k
> > =================151k
> > I want
> >
> > Vickie
> > Jackie
> > Zatman
> > Mona
> > spagati
> > Rubie
> > otavia
> > Oxen
> > 155k
> >
> >
> > Plz it is realy close.

PM ME Its faster. No partal trades i want all from one person if possible if just want cash i will do but value will be less. Also more clitz as i get them.

My Murray for your leviaton

Close pease I have Jackie


Now i got Mona (U)

Mitch Myke Winifred good offers Pls

I want to trade silman nanook willy and boohma for any skeelz card of equivalent value

I know but i will throw in an extra Few clintz for the trouble instead of 1.5K i will make it 3K The double amountsmiley

Close please, thanks

Why are you telling him to make an offer hawk and lehane for 6.5`k

I am sellin Tanaerava (full) for 38000

thursday 18/06/2009

Alright, please close smiley

Do u have jackie

Do u want to seel jackie to me

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