thursday 18/06/2009

Close please

I have Chad Bread. Wat do u wanna trade for him?

I'll sell A LOT of MAX ones.
PM me!

[Auction/Trade] kiki kiki cr full xp start price 2M

i am french the realy link is:

they are all my estimation cards on the topic

give me yours offers on:

Im buying Rosa not selling... wew!...

I question your idea of his worth in a least insulting way as any better 2* piranas thats more versatile...

WTF cant you two read!?!?!
it clearly says every banger except crs and vernyum n and
im sellin every banger and 32k or if not im trading them for those allstars!!!

Buy at the market it's much cheaper around 100

Wow thats 95k so ya its enough anyone have one to sell?

Sorry already sold it.

Close please.

No my sale= 6.5k
you trade=4.5k
Take out Oxen and Frankie hi
These cards for Rubie and Jeeves

Okay Thanks you Mods and Buyers all cards are now sold Thanks again and Please close


Sorry i cancel this, plz close mod sorry for inconvenience

I'm buying not selling

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Close this mod thanks!

wednesday 17/06/2009

Please close. i assume nobody is interested.

I have 35 684 clintz and a few spare cards

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