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saturday 21/11/2009

grudj ..1k
olga ...1.9k
boris ...1k

all for 4k

Make it 30k and you have a deal.smiley

Trade you Smokey for Rowdy, sylith or Marco

This trade can be closed, business done smiley

My clara to Stanly

My melissa cr 0xp for your Tessa cr (don't care about XP)

atm, melissa cr 0xp is 185K and Tessa Cr is 183K

Diyo cr
cassio cr
page cr
for ur vickie cr
if interested please pm me

Sorry making a update take wendel out of it so just my caelus for your zatman


205 Askai left
500 Radek
230 Deans
100 Greem

Everything is sold now thankyou mods and player.
Please close this thread

Plz close mods i dont need kolos anymore

Please close

Manfreds like 1000 clintz

Ok you can close this since his price went down. I will just keep them like wattz said and thanks again wattz for the idea

friday 20/11/2009

Close please


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