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sunday 15/11/2009

Thanks mods, please close.

18500clintz each,pm me if interessed

0 left, please close.

Thanks mods.

Ah n/m changed my mind sorry

I am buying these common cards a little bit below market..

MUST be 0xp

bob joby - 200 each
pino - 220 each
nobrocybix - 290 each
bunny - 350 each
halley - 200 each
kristin - 320 each

prices are subject for negotiation if you dont like em

i can do bulk buys..

pm me or post here if you have some..

thanks mods!

185 EACH....
interested just pm me.....

Place offers here but PM for faster results

I will buy up to 10 Winifred or any other level 4 common with 0xp for 275 each for a total of 2750.

Are you perhaps trying to obtain cr expectations smiley it seems like you are

Hw much fr grammxst trinmxt phonos skrummxt

Close topic please and thanks

Im buying ongh for 17-18k
pm me

Mods please close


I am selling a ambre for 18800 clintz
or trade it for some good cards pm me

I'm selling 14 level 1 Wanda's with 0exp each for 2,320 clintz each or 32,480 for all of them. I am also willing to trade for a card or cards of equal value. Pm me for a quick response.

I can nogotiate

I looking to buy vholt below market for clintz..

post your price here or pm so we can negotiate..

thanks mods! smiley

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I think you should first check Archie's price to Kate. Maxed out, it is 240. This means that selling to Kate is better than selling to you. Of course, you may get some, but I'm just pointing that out for you smiley

0xp and lvl 2 Archie will be worth less than 220 clintz to Kate though. smiley

Ongh full,pm me

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