tuesday 16/06/2009

Trading Alec from Rescue for Hawkins and Dalhia

Any level you have

Close please alredy sold

1265 for akenandram

Sold.. Please Close

I'll trade

I'm looking to buy a level 4 ratanah for around 5.5k-5.9k

monday 15/06/2009

Sorry, nvm. 4* Lulabee for 5* Lulabee and Lin Bee

For 2200 clintz

Ok deal you send me half the cards for 50 i send you jackie you send me rest

He is a Novice!
Look : Novice, 6 characters out of 498.

Close please

Could you close this thread please, I got a Vickie now. Thanks

Please do tell me what your willing to sell Spiaghi for. I am somewhat new but willing to put up either Clintz or a fair trade close to market value. Thanks! smiley

Marlysa was sold! smiley

Kerozinn is still for trade/sell

Ummm look at prices ratanah for XU52 IS GOOD !

For 1700 clintz

Man molly is about 500 clints in the market

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