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sunday 15/11/2009

I am selling a ambre for 18800 clintz
or trade it for some good cards pm me

I'm selling 14 level 1 Wanda's with 0exp each for 2,320 clintz each or 32,480 for all of them. I am also willing to trade for a card or cards of equal value. Pm me for a quick response.

I can nogotiate

I looking to buy vholt below market for clintz..

post your price here or pm so we can negotiate..

thanks mods! smiley

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I think you should first check Archie's price to Kate. Maxed out, it is 240. This means that selling to Kate is better than selling to you. Of course, you may get some, but I'm just pointing that out for you smiley

0xp and lvl 2 Archie will be worth less than 220 clintz to Kate though. smiley

Ongh full,pm me

Its not me its my stupid brother he knows my password
well know changing it you wont see any more

You're offering less than half of the price of Fabio, not that it makes a great difference anyway since it's worth so little... maybe with Gary AND Sharon AND Oscar you can buy him.

...just a tip: you might want to barter with cards that people want besides for the reason of lottery...

Ill sell my tobbie for 210 ctz

Anyone selling skeelz,jungo,or rescue write a comment or leave a message i will try to buy it off of u

I hav a full eryton to auction off. auction starts at 650

PM please

I trade may pan (R) for Mona (U) and Edd (R)... PM ME IF NTERESTED......

saturday 14/11/2009

I would give u the 195 clints tht u want

Just seeing if anyone wants to make this trade...Pm me...Thankssmiley

Pan i worth about 9.5-10k on the market right now


0exp or maxed out Fei @ 1.1k ea (or 60,000ctz for a lot of 50)
0exp or maxed out Kristin @ 250ctz ea (or 14000ctz for a lot of 50)
0exp or maxed out Pegh @ 900ctz ea (or 46500 for a lot of 50)
0exp or maxed out Nyema @ 800ctz ea (or 41500 for a lot of 50)
0exp or maxed out Sledj @ 650ctz ea (or 33000 for a lot of 50)
0exp Caelus @ 9500 (or at present MV)

PM me

I am looking for marlysa cr full or 0xp, i can offer zatman, cooper, jackie, and cash.

thanks mod for accept

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