friday 12/06/2009

Close please thank you.

You have terry?

Close please I received my deals.

Only gots 7k wanna buy him to complete my elo deck please and thank you

Your lamar for my 2 max alec, 1 max jackie, 1 max tanaevera and 1 max copper
pm me for negotiations

Looking for a Marlysa Cr at a fairly reasonable price, PM me if you have one and we can work something out. I have 500k clintz in extra cards plus a good amount of Cr's to trade for her.

Looking for Miss Twice Cr and Tessa Cr still but willing to negotiate for a deal around 750k (Lowest market price 800k)

I think jaymeant 3000....not 30000

thursday 11/06/2009

Close sold

I'll pay 150k please PM me to negotiate...

And i traded my Rass Cr away, pls close smiley

I'm looking to buy a bunch of Gaias.

please make an offer.

!!! It is important that the level 1's don't have any xp and the 2* should have around 100xp.

Thank you mods!

Mods please close, I am all done with my trading for now.

A big thank you to all that traded with me!


About 6000. please pm me.


I can offer one Vickie Cr, one Elya Cr, several cards around 10k and clintz.
Any offer?

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