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thursday 06/08/2009

Omg 5 million to 6 milion how am i gonna get that much clints???!!! I need LT also smileysmileysmiley

wednesday 05/08/2009

Did i ask to close already? lol sry i dnt remember... -.-'

Buying Caelus 7,700 clintz message me or send me a private sale!

Pls griezzo pls if he is 1000

His 134k ?

To make the trade far u need a 3000 card in your hand u add up to 26300 just saying

Looking for selling my Ndololo Cr.
Please Pm me with serious offers.
Nothing under 1million please.

Thanks mods.

Close mods. public market cleaned me out for 500 clintz more

Mods plz close

1 Ottoavia please!

Buying :

yayoi --- 7250

1* charlie ---11600

noemi 1700

post here i will check or pm me. i will raise a little if needed, the charlie MUST be 1* . with 0 xp

Ill buy it from you.

Close please mod. Card traded

I bought taham instead i traded it for 1898 and slopsh mods please close

Close plz

Im trading my gaia for anyone's bryan
please pm me if interested

Subject closed

As I said I will trade my Kerozinn Cr full exp for Vickie Cr full or 0 xp, it doesn't matter. I may add some clintz, but not too much. PM me or write here.


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