wednesday 08/07/2009

I'm buying Sylth for 7050, pm me plz. And full stars please.

Trading my Edd and Murphy for Glorg

Could you close this please mods, thankyou

I'll trade it for azel and sheitane


if that's the price

just buy directly in the market

Did you recieve my last offer?

I came up with 8000?

Wanting to buy havok for 2000clintz just sell to me in private

thanks mods you're the best smiley

What cards do you want i have quiet a few

I have the whole first page of rescue? i'll trade them for something good

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tuesday 07/07/2009

Tomas for 18k smiley

Still loookin', thank yousmiley

Ill sell you rowdy for 6600

Mods please close thread
i bought them in market for cheaper prices than 1000 and 1500.

I have Blaaster
Please close thx mods!

MODS please close

thanks to all

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