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tuesday 04/08/2009

Pls close this subject

No sorry johnny smiley

Close please .... ended up buying all from market

Lol.......dreen's kate price is 160

I think it's pretty sure that I´m selling them if I say " My Cr's for "....

It's card for evo,
The price: 185clintz a card 3* not full
375clintz a card 4* not full
Ask me buy pm!

Any body?

Ambre for 13k
Morphun for 17k

trade me if interested, thanks..

What was the point of the whole auction then...


I'm currently buying vinny 0xp or full.

0xp 130 Clintz
Full 150 Clintz

Also buying in bulk. Pm me how many and your offer.

Thanks mods!


Title says all, pm me please. Thanks

monday 03/08/2009

XD pfulls banned but i guess regular pfulls allowed

Please close mods.

Please dont write here or pm me plz dont just private sell them 2 me it does not matter what card it is ill buy it if it is resonable and dont take them back if i buy them and dont take them back if im not on plz i will be on alot so plz bear with me
and remerber dont pmme or write here plz

thx mods

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