monday 06/07/2009

Yea I know this is probably the biggest scam in the century, but if you do it, you will be part of it!!

Plz close moderator

Will pay 12.5k if sold today

I will trade u ingsthra, Lunatik, and trinmkkt, for some jungo cards

I want to buy Yookie for 350. tnx

Closed plz thx mod

I want to buy Yookie for 350. if you want to sell him pm me. tnx

Who cares what is happening
remember when we were level 1 we got cards like brandon and kevin
but i didnt care becase as soon as i started i bought 1000 credits and was undefeated until i reached like level 10

so all us "rich" people are doing is helping the noobs get better decks for their 1st

and if they like they will buy credits to get better card slike i did

yea we spend a bit to mych money on this game but as long as we buy the new blood packs and sell them as much as most of us do we will make more than we are spending

when the skeelz came out i made over 1 Million clints

and then when tomas came out his price was 20K

and i bought like 10 of him
and sold them in like 10 minutes and made more than i spent

It's not just about comparing stats though. It's how important they are in that clans decks too

I want tomas amd jay in the mix..

my cassio is full..

Hi, I am looking to pay 96000 for Kerrozinn Cr. Please message if interested.

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Close this pls

Close please, thanks =D

I bought one on the market so ... close the subject thanks (:

Please close..i have sell it!

How much

Buying lamar cr 125-135k

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