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thursday 08/10/2009

Cassio 0xp
5 terry 0xp
geuner 0xp
1 chikko full
1 chikko 0xp

Ill give you 120k for lamar
mesg me back

Auction officially withdrawn
due to lottery event


PM me for faster trade.. thanks..

Sorry...vickie cr is gone....please close mods

I got a buyer so trades done smiley

No one want vickie 0xp?

Im Looking for miss twice cr and i have Selsya Cr to trade with i may add bit of clintz or any card that will make the trade fair smiley thanks mods .

Btw : i know i have only 3 cards in my Collection smiley but i got here so if you want to trade PM or post here .

Hello, I'm looking to trade my Vickie cr 0xp for 2x Alec cr

Thanks everyone.

Trade is done

Plz close. Thanks modz

Foul and Syked, I PM'd you both. smiley

I have all the skeelz im looking to trade for card(s) worth about 25k Looking for a Cr like Cassio Cr Page Cr Something worth The skeelz

Ok ty u can close this

Need more send in my ps

I need Damian from skeelz, i don't have that alot of money, and i only have skeelz card and the starter card la junta with winston.

Umm i dont have any of the CRs andd im trying to get one would u be able to help me out in anyway? PM plz

Private messages please. Thank you.

wednesday 07/10/2009

Close Please. Thanks!!! smiley

Ive got tanaevra so

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