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tuesday 29/12/2009

Hello, I buy Jim Cr for 62.000 clintz Thanks!smiley

Which clans do you want? You don't have any fair trade on these posts. I'll make a fair trade if I have nice cards of the clans you pretend.

If it isn't good enough, tell me your price...

monday 28/12/2009

Hey im looking to sell Ambre 18k QUICKSALE! feel free to pm me

thanks mods

Lol hes not gona buy it ill buy 4.5k

Need jay or caelus willing to trade coppersmileysmiley

Close please and thank you

Mods pls close thank's anyway

Moderators, please close subject

Ill buy it for 22k


Im looking for a copy of famous General Cr.

I can offer the following Cards:
1 Marlysa Cr
1 Berserker Girl Cr 0XP
1 Lao Cr 0XP
3 Sigmund Cr 0XP
1 Splata Cr
1 Vickie Cr *4, about 1/4 XP
1 Kerozinn Cr
1 Nahi Cr

Some of the lower Crs like Smokey cr or Terry cr and about 150k clintz.

Please tell me when you are willing to trade.

I am tradfg my Dragan Cr (CM=299K)

1 Max Vickie Cr
1 Max Lamar Cr
1 Smokey Cr

Pm me

thanx Modssmiley

Moderator please close subject, thanks.

Close thanks

Pls close this.

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