sunday 07/06/2009

Im seling him for 19k pm me first

Ill buy any Timber from levels 1-2 for 100-125 clintz

Alec for shylthsmileysmiley

7k for ongh

Can I buy ongh for 6,5k

Hello, I am looking for someone who wants trade his/hers Wee Lee for Gertrud, Bryan and 1k clintz. please PM me if you want to trade. Thank you.

Buying grudg 2100 thnx

jus send to my sale,

Yeah ok
when your back online put it in my private trades and i'll buy it
thank you

Close please.

Close thread please. I bought him

I would like to buy a zatman for 11,400 clintz
Please post if you are interested.

Are u insane, sv_maladroit?
mona is currently 5k in market and youll gonna buy her 50% price off?
just give a better offer so i can be interested

Ambre for sale
14k 0xp

Close thread plz

My offer is uder market but i hop someone will take it.

Okay i will give
Hawkins (U) (U)
Bloodh (R) (R)
Ambre (R) (R)
Tyd (C) (C)
Rhed (R) (R)
Smokey (C) (C)
Katan (R) (R)
Tula (C) (C)
Chad bread CR

my offer is 81-82k

last time i checked vickie 102k

ill keep ading clitz and maybe a card or 2.
plz no individual offers 4 1 card I will not sell individualy


As the title says it im buying lulabee for a low price..
im buying it for only 3400 clints...

Thanks for all the good people that have been helping me out you been all great.
Well here is another Update on what i am currently missing so hope you guys can help out with the few i am missing.

Currently missing
Katan (R) (R) (R) (R) (R) - Currently Buying - Anywhere below 3.1k
Bloodh (R) (R) (R) (R) (R) - Currently Buying - Anywhere below 7.8k
Hawkins (U) (U) (U) (U) (U) - Currently Buying - Anywhere below 8.8k
Dalhia (U) (U) (U) (U) (U) - Not buying currently

Every time the list becomes smaller thanks for all the support and help smiley keep it up please.
Pm me or leave a a message here and remember these are the prices shown in the market at the time of posting they can change in the time the mods check the message or by the time you find this post.

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