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sunday 27/12/2009

Need a Tanaereva under market by a little smiley

Wow, rip much, rowdy is like 3k more, and you want us to add clintz????

I have Adler, Askai, Sylth, but no Greow. Want to trade?

Chikko Cr and Terry Cr for Zatman

pm me offers

thanks mods

saturday 26/12/2009

Ok i'm not selling smokey Cr seperate, its all or nothing and that would be too cheap.
i got everything exept for the Crs, kolos, nerfeniti, timmy and azel.
i already got avola

Sell for 310.000 clintz
or card and clintz for the same value
thx moderators!

Close plz, its done


I had scarlett like 2 weeks ago but not anymore sorry

Ok now i trading hatori or Dorian

Guys, this is a game not an auction. The bids are not even going down the way d4gs intended. Please make a new auction and follow the rules. Thanks

Ok trade it
can close smiley

I Buy 50 Ghumbo for 300000 clintz, I need minimun 10 0xp

Mods. cloused this team

I forgot to say close it plz

Buying him for 3k

Buying blaster for 9500 or any price lower than MP thanks!smiley

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