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sunday 18/10/2009

Kolos : 18k

Kenny 10k
glorg 4k
ghumbo 7k
Total= 21k


Send a pm for faster response

I sent you a PM about everyone except Crassus, but haven't heard back. Let me know what you think.

My 2 terrys for blaaster, graff, loocio and b ball

I'm looking for marlysa cr, i have some cr to trade
please pm me
only pm please
thx for moderateur to accept my subjec

saturday 17/10/2009

Lamar cr for it all.

Selling 2 0xp malmoth 1.9k

I am trading my 0xp Vickie Cr for a full one plus a few clintz
Post here or private message me if you are interested

Thanks Moderators

Got bryan thnx!

im selling charlie 2* anyone interested?

Close please smiley

Yo i can trade you i got marina and striker. i dont like selling but i can get rid of em got jessie too. lemme know if you wanna trade brah

I need beltran but i don ave the card you when for

Ok, Mods lock this thread!

For maxxed tessa cr its ok trade .. for 0exp ..its way off

Shareholder is just try to under bid everything.. anyway I sold all of teh ma and a lot more from around 550, so i really don't care about him, his been posting on others thread to say he buy cards for 100 clintz then what they are asking just to piss everybody.. I little kid in need of love ... don't mind him

Modo please close this thread

100.000 for vickie cr smiley

Whew! finally. this can be close now. thank you all.smiley

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