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friday 31/07/2009

Give em a break he is new. but hey just buy some full deck packs. you can train your cards and maybe get some really good ones. i got taneareva out of a pack. so just work at getting a bit more experience and cash and u could get them. (of corse it is really hard to draw good cards i just for some reason have very good luck. i draw loads of rare cards. ex: hattori, ryuchii, jackie, taneareva, marco, glorg, caleus.....) no joke.

Mods pls close

I am buying a jackie for 25000 send me a private sell

Pls close. THX

Close , I have trade him

Selling eklore for 15800, pm me for quicker response please. Thank you

Please close

I need full xp please

Deal is done. please close mods

Close please

Jackie for 25k
Zatman for 13k

Just Private Sell if you want..
Thanks smiley

Mods, please lock/delete. Cards have been bought.

I am gonna throw in a Sharon too!

Selling Eklore for 15800, pm me if you want a quicker response : )

Close Please

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