tuesday 07/07/2009

I`m going to buy Bloodh 5k

Thanks Lauren and mod's.
Close please. smiley

Buyin ottavia anyone selling giv me a shout

I want 0 exp vickie, offering 3 swidz Cr(full)
i want full xp lamr cr, offering 3 *diyo cr (full) 1 cassio cr(full) 1 page cr (full)

open to negotiation, pls pm me, i wont check this thread often.

Mods Please Close. Thanks.

Still looking for one smiley

Trading (MY) Manfred for (YOUR) Sasha

If anybody is willing to do the trade. PM me or reply to this thread. Either way, I will get back to you as fast as I can.
If you will do the trade, it will be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Ok, put it in the market so we can see it..

monday 06/07/2009

Private Sales: note - these are all fresh 0xp cards.

El Gringo 500 Cz
Akiko 700 Cz
Leo 150 cz
Jeyn 350 cz
Kerry 8200 cz
Luis 350 cz
Gran Vista 110 cz

PM me first come first serve : )

Jackie and zatman

Yea I know this is probably the biggest scam in the century, but if you do it, you will be part of it!!

Plz close moderator

Will pay 12.5k if sold today

I will trade u ingsthra, Lunatik, and trinmkkt, for some jungo cards

I want to buy Yookie for 350. tnx

Closed plz thx mod

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