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thursday 23/07/2009

Plez close as someone has derailed and/or hijacked my auction.

Thank you so much. i have a feeling that i am a magnet for these people

That was Fast.... He is Gone!

Close Plz, Thanks Mods

Im selling my kolos for 19k pm me if youre interested..

Selling him for 3300

wednesday 22/07/2009

Title says it ill buy it 4 11139 thats all my clintz or ill buy sumthin under that and trade it 2 u can u post here dont pm me plz until further notice thx

mods thx smileysmiley

Thx mods can u close thx



You're arguing based on what people have posted her for, but that makes the assumption (an incorrect one) that people actually purchase it at that price. What people list cards for is immaterial if no one makes a purchase. A good example is Guru Cr. He's on the market for 5.5m right now, but he's available in threads on the French forums for 4.3 - 4.5m in trades, and for as little as 4m in all cash deals. It's clear that the sales at 5.5m aren't serious attempts to sell. They're either vanity sales ("Look how awesome I am, because I have valuable cards!" or markers ("I have this card available, as you can see. Send me a message and we may be able to work out a fair trade"smiley. No savvy buyer, and all buyers for cards as expensive as Armanda Cr or Guru Cr understand the difference between the public price and the moving price of a card. There's not a vibrant market for these CR's, unlike smaller, cheaper cards, new bloods, etc. so calling 900k the "market" price for Armanda isn't fair.

Of course, you can disregard my opinion, but I'm probably the only person on this forum to trade 20+ million worth of cards in the last few weeks smiley

I am selline the thaumaturge cr

Auction cancel

Buying 15 Brutox @ 100 each
Post here or PM me

I have all...need a very good trade for em though

Anita purchased

That being said, Mod's you can close this whenever you want smiley. Thanks!

Now selling bridget

Put anita and elvira in my private sales.. il buy if its lower than market..

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