saturday 11/07/2009

Maybe he meant 10000 and missed a 0

36k instead of 31k

End of the sale, thanks !

Can anyone sell me a jessie for 1500 thanks!

Sorry guys, trading my Vickie Cr + Striker for your Lamar Cr, thanks for pointing out the mistake

Mutpltiples of jackie or alec 0xp


6 0xp of marco

i will add 6k card or clintz if u got 6 0xp marco

pm me or post ur offer

thx mods

Buying aylen 6.5k
thx mod

I got him. Please close this thread mods thanks smiley

Mod's please close found a better use smiley.

Suggest why dont you sell you ambre and nahi to buy vickie T_T smiley

All cards have been sold. Mods please close thank you smiley

Just got her, close please. thanks smiley

friday 10/07/2009

Buyin for 40k or u want more than 40k message me we might be able to make a deal.....
thx mod a big smiles 4 u smileysmileysmiley

Traded for em
close plz
thnx mods

I want a Mona. I'll pay 6100 for it.
PM me if interested.


Alright, they're sold. Close the thread.

4 vivki cr ;p

Close pls

If you have a three star card or more(with no exp or very low experience....) and want to get rid of it please send it to me in Private Sales for 75 clintz... Depending on the card I can raise the price PM me for details please. smiley Thanks all.

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