sunday 21/06/2009

Sold out. subject close !

Aylen, chiara and jay is artm 54450 clintz.
tessa is 168000 clintz atm.

I trade Olga and Cassandra for KEnny?

Well I have Melvin, but your offer will have to be rather good so msg me how much u offer smileysmileysmiley

Hi! I'm looking for steve. I'm willing to buy one for 6K or less. Thanks! smiley

Full is sold, please close subject. thank you.

if anyone is interested in a 0xp, pm me and ill look at your offer. thanks

Someone ple sell me Jackie for 24-25k please. Sell me privately

The question is not about playability, but about market value. Shawoman Cr is not playable, but I would surely give a Lamar Cr, a Splata Cr and a Vickie Cr, lol.

Anyway, mods can close this. The Ambrose Cr was trade for Swidz Cr, Geuner Cr, Seldnor Cr, Tanaereva and Ongh, all 0xp. A good trade, wasnt it? smiley

Thanks to all. Mods close please.

I will trade edd for jesse
PM me if intrestedsmiley

I'll buy Zatman for 13k-14k plz anyone


PM for bussines

Someone can take this post down now.

You're about 1m short on Manon, but close to a Scarlett.

Can u sell me Hawk for about 2k to 3k PLZ smiley

saturday 20/06/2009

Buying The Following:

Greow - 2500
Elea - 850
Scopica - 1300
Askai - 550
Borss - 300
Radek - 250
Mindy - 500

I'd Appricate It
Thank You smiley

Fabio for anything besides Nimetiec?

An azgroth for don or edd?

Pm me. I got a Nanook

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