wednesday 03/06/2009

Well i got Cyan so thats one less from the list please continue to pm me or leave offers here smiley once again thanks for helping a noob in need.

Okay still on my quest to obtain Vickie Cr I have 2 Striker, 2 Marina, 1 Liu, 1 Jessie, 1 Blaaster. POst a negotiable price

PLease Close


I am intested in Nahi Cr , Selsya Cr , Beltran Cr , Dwain Cr , Vickie Cr , and crs that are cheaper than sigmund.
And I accept clintz toosmiley

tuesday 02/06/2009

You know what since no one is biddin I go for 800 >.> this bid is going to go down or stop since you stgarted 100 clintz below the normal market price there aint much to bid here so i my bid is 800

Now 4790

I'm buying ratanah for a little under market.
just put her in my PS a little lower then market. thank yousmiley

850 clz for Jenna FRIST!!! (flipstah )

Edit: Today feels like a Monday. I meant Alec.

Buying Alec for 19000

Can admin change the title of the auction?

Please close

No...only need cards form post 20

How much for Fuzz and Gibson

They're less than that on the market, and I'd expect a discount in such bulk anyway.
Would you consider lowering that price?

Who can sell me a cheap boden power of 1650cz? thx a lot

Close please

and thank you smiley

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