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sunday 20/12/2009

U diddnt play for a while and i have him smiley

saturday 19/12/2009

He is worth around 7k at Lv's 1,2,3. So, not worth it, also i love his artwork on the last one xD smiley

Gil rowdy and peeler for a lvl1 wardom?

Close smiley

Sell for 14.5k
or trade for max +500 clintz

Nvm this topic can be closed smokey is going to be like a Cr (not distribucted in packs smiley) so not interested anymore ty
I will later on open a topic with the trade of kenny, meanwhile if somebody wishes to trade kenny pm me

Nvm close please
got all the cards

Ok, Kenpachi has won splata cr 0xp for 117K. It is in your PS now.

My seldnor cr +5k for your smokey and 45 baby q cards for bragh, syith, and ongh

Can i buy it for 7000 pls... i need charlie .. PM me plss...

Close it..

You can close i already sell it

A) no cr rumormongering is allowed and b) that is probably not gonna happen

Plz close the subject

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