thursday 02/07/2009

Ill trade oyoh or jessie or robb for taham

Close plz


PM me to negotiate.

Im looking for a Hattori for 4k! I cant afford anyone on the market for 4.4k... -_-

Close please
just got 1

400clintz that in public market now

I want blaster 400 clinz

wednesday 01/07/2009

Close plz its been sold

Couldnt help to try

Please close you just got her from the market

No one wanna trade?

Already got a good offer close please

Close plz

A basic market price iz like the average cost of a card like there cud be prices less and prices more its the middle number rounded

I'm trading my Kinjo for your Linda.
If interested please reply or pm me.

Dont need them anymore
plz close mods

Moderator please close this thread

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