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friday 17/07/2009

Sujet clos jai deja vendu il y avait personne qui en voulez

Nvm the price went way down this morningsmiley

I Will make it , only for 3 Dreens . Ok ?

Now take out sylth and you get to my price smiley my nahi cr is 0xp btw. so it gives you 2k excess smiley

Sold, close please

So i have to trade u seven chans for one coby

CLose please, i buy him smiley
Thanks mods!

MOD Please close this thread =)

The following cards in these sets
Gil (U) Rowdy (R) Gibson (C) and Dreen (U) Mona
ill be trading Morphun for those and then i need
Edd (R) Spiaghi (C) and Prince Jr
which im trading 2 Smokey for(overpriced)

I have scopica, scotty, & chill. i'm willing to trade it if you have skeelz. smiley

Mods please close

Congrats to Amatenosu

Mods lease close

Any lvl
pm me please
thanks mods/admins

Thanks admin, please close!

Trading my Morphun full Xp for your Dalhia and Hawkins any lv, thankssmiley

Glosh Elvira and Hax are not available anyomre

Sell me veenyle for 1050 please

50 clintz

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