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saturday 18/07/2009

Wow that was fast

Mod please close this smiley TY

So you what card worth 14 to 18k. for a card that around 11? good luck.

I need about a 1000 dreen???if i can make that kind of money
just send her to me for
140-150c? or pm me to negotiate
thanks mods

I'm selling a full xp Vickie Cr for 98,000 clintz

Thanks Mods

I got one don't need anymore thanks

Title says it all.
I can add Clintz and Cards also.
PM me for faster response.

friday 17/07/2009

U can close the theme

Buying Ongh and Sylth for a total of 19,130 Clintz. Anyone interested pm me.

For 11000 clintz if you're interested. pm me please



Ill sell suzie or auora or anita or do a trade if u have a marco or kerry

Chiara for 6200

Check the market price first before making the post. I mean seriously....

Please close

I am willing to pay 9k for kenny (i have more so you may be able to haggle me a little)

10 cans smiley
You Chan right? Cans smileysmileysmiley

Great offers guys -.-' market prices for all thoses are lower, anyways... got the cards i needed!

Please close mods! thanks!

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