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monday 12/10/2009


Close please

I want the beltran and nahi cr, dont need beltran cr anymore

My aurora your marco, pm me thanks

Please close this thread. He already has his DJ Korr Cr- Buhbye Kiki Hiya Dj Korr.... smiley


I mean ill take 1 damae for 2 k

sunday 11/10/2009

I' ve got Tessa Cr 0exp..are you interesenting the change...+ something? Cards o clintz?

Plz close this now mods. I Sold Swidz Cr, thanks.


Close, thanks

Hey,im looking for some CHEAP junkz cards.
PM me ASAP if you can offer some smiley

Buying Unagi at 1 star for 500 clintz Private sell me if Interested I really Need that card Not look at level!-Recreationsmiley

12 cassio cr full = 330 000
5 nahi cr 0xp = 347 500

677 500

Aww mayyn i thort you were selling smiley

Close pleasesmiley

Buy my cards

My Kerozinn Cr + Caelus + 16500 for your Lamar Cr

I will give you one of my chiara (s) for fei, chang, and lost hog

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