wednesday 01/07/2009

My Ielena for your noobdroid ?

Guys this thread is 1 month old and plus i think the thread owner aint replying to this boardsmiley

if i'm not mistaken this should be closed

I will give you sharon for rolph or zatman

LOL @ TNT...if the offer on the table is 810 clintz, why would somebody instead sell for 450?
And Magic, which card/s can you offer?

And she couldn't say that for herself?
Or did 'she' just do that..

I'd throw out an offer but I'm afraid I haven't got Cr's I'm willing to part with of that value...

Close please
already have morphun
and i already sold them all

Sold! admins please closesmiley

Fail... close plz

Looking for a taham for 3600

Buy askai for 600 clintz i need many

Pls close thread mods. thanks.

Kolos is full lvl by the way and zatman can be any lvlsmiley

Close please

Trading entire Pirana collection fro Kerozin cr

I have a level 5 but 665 clinz though

My freind tht is in my clan just gave me a spare taneareva from a pack and i am willing to exchange it for a morphun and ekloresmileysmiley

Would u like a mayhem for 680? plz PM me i need to get rid of him to make room for my freak deck

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