monday 01/06/2009

Unfortunately, after carefully checking the rules in the market place, I have to close this thread.

As some of you know, this was already attempted by a player in the past. It was a huge success but at the end of the thread, it was announced that any further attempt to copy it will be closed/not accepted in the message board.

For reference of this rule, please check: (Post 286 by a former moderator)


Im looking for a

tessa cr

and ille give you

reine cr + 1 alec

sunday 31/05/2009


Ill give you 30k for them

I buy katana for 2.5ksmileysmiley

I want to buy him for 4.5ksmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Buying all Dreen's for 100-200 each and Spaighi for 300 each

Post or Pm me or put in my ps

Exchange my Hikiyousan for your Shakra.

Close this thread, please

Ill gi u a wardog and 2000c for hikiyousan

Im here buying lobo for 980 pm me if interested thankssmileysmiley


ENDS 3.6.09 3;15 PM


Ok.Close pls

Full level for 10k. smiley
PM me.

Can you close pls i'll open a new 1

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I can also Give gil and lehane

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