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friday 17/07/2009

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Price moved from 650-700 clintz now...or trade. Leave message thank you

My Vickie for leveled Kerozinn, Ongh, and Marina
PM me if ur interested

Please close, i have sold him ty mods

thursday 16/07/2009

6800 clintz pm mesmiley

What u want 4 bridget and chillsmiley

Yh igot some cards that equal that ill take all themsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Alright, some adjusment, trading Morphun for Hawkins and Dalhia, that's all, thankssmiley

I really want to buy any rescues u have to offer
except for hax, auora, and steve


50 clintz

Kolos for 19k get him while he is hot


Please can someone sell me Alec for 21000? Just put it to my private sell if you are so kind.

Can you close this Mods


I have skinner if any 1 wants hom?

Kinjo and Lost Hog for Hawk

Ryuchi is what I want. PM me with an offer.

Close Please

Yes it is and ill give u somethin else 4 kennny

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