tuesday 30/06/2009

Close Plz

Not even an offer... sadly i think we can close it... thanks :/

Willing to take around 32k

monday 29/06/2009

I trade 50 3*0xp for chikko cr full i have 150 3star 0 xp for 3 chikko cr

1.8 k each is overpriced...he is 1.1 k on the market..
Unless you find some fool that will buy them..

Close please cuz there is another post of teh exact same thing

Im trading my buck for a lulabee pm me or post messages here thanks

Please close smiley

If u still hav em, pm me and we can discuss this.

Oro-Asazi is winning.. more offers ?

Action ands tommorow..

Added lamar cr too

general cr + lamar cr + tessa cr for lyse teria cr

I sell Kluwn at 530 clintz, first level

Anyone can sell me toro at 3.8k clintz.. just private sell it to me

I wan 10 kenny from 1 ombre level 3

Modz please close!!

@ PeinEvo ---> I am not looking for a particular card.
I especially seek to trade people who need 20k so badly, that they are in the mood to make good offers.

Deal finished. Mod close please. thank you mod

Close please

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