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thursday 16/07/2009

Ill sell you my hax and ill do it for 4200

Changed my mind hes price is 9k ill add clintz ill buy her for 6k plus a shayna

Uh... Sold to some other random person who just pm'ed me...

My Guru cr full exp + 35k clintz for your Guru cr 0xp

Auction cancelled, some1(leaving annonymus) made me an excellent offer.

I have jungos to trade for ur skeelz.

Hey u got kenny or kolos ill buy trade or exch just pm me or bout vickie or vickie cr

ty modssmiley

How much selin 4 ill buy some

Private sell to me


thx mods

Spiaghi has been purchased, still need Edd and Fabio! Please(PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU!) make me an offer, you generous people!

Jackie for 25k

Mods smiley Please Close this Thread Thank you =)

wednesday 15/07/2009

Close please, its gone!

Do you have skeelz? i can trade my jungos.

I have them all pm me

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