saturday 30/05/2009

Looks like i've woned with 100 clintzsmiley

Hes not selling ryan

Pm/ Private sell please. Negotiable.

Selling for 245k or make a deal with me Lamar Cr no experience XD

How much clintz you make of doing this Gutters?

Pls pm me ...i also looking for other crs too,if u have extra pls pm me too

Already sold....can closed this subject,tks

Please Close I Sold It

Hi everyone!
i'm looking to buy cassio cr and geuner cr
send me a private message for a faster answer

thanks smiley

Level 2 Dahlia
14k or better offer

Geuner has been bought, just looking for Diyo now.

friday 29/05/2009

I want to trade my Kolos for an Alec. Please get in touch if this is interesting.

Send it to me for 500c
mods if u will not approve this, pm me why

I think he misplaced a decimal in between 1 and 5

Title says it all, if interested in selling sned me a private sale or PM please.

How many do you need

Then NO ONE make a bid
because i said so

I'll trade with you.
pm me if you want to trade

Cls please, i got what i needed

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