friday 29/05/2009

Im buying 3* 0xp cards for 150-160 each just give me a pm put them in my ps or post them here

Close pls, I got what i needed

Please close this thanks

Close please.

Close please.i got one.
iJeromiz by just adding 500 clintz.
sorry for yah.hahaha.

Please close.

Yayoi and Dorian has the same price while Zatman is 14k Charlie is just 12k.
thats 2k difference.good luck with

Please close, someone bought him.


I want wardog, emeth, bryan and dean.smiley and also trish.

I will negotioate because his price keeps jumping and dropping and also I would trade 0xp zatman and etc. for him.

Um.. ill buy it 1.5k

Close this. Got the card.

Close plz

Close plz

Nvm the 500 clints

Yep i bought his Kolos for 18k.Close this please.thanks.

thursday 28/05/2009

180 each=180x42=an ok price soo do you take cards?

Trade my Ongh for your Dalhia.

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