saturday 27/06/2009

Hello, I have Elya and Nahi and I look for Splata e Lamar. If you have this cards for trade, send a pm for me, with a proposal.

Thanks a lot!

Also willing to trade her for zatman (also market price pending so if he goes back to 16k an she drops to 113k again will need compensation for difference)

Buying cheap sting for 799.smiley

I dont exchange sory

Anyone sell for 22k?

Make it chiara plus 2k and i accept

I swear some of yall who own cr cards get to overbearing with them I'm glad I'm not stingy with mines I accepted reasonable offers for mines. I just like to stop by and see what outrageous offers cr owners offer.

I know she worth alot of clintz but even all them cards and the extra clintz is a bit to much.

Already finished. Moderator Please Close. Thank you

Closed closed closed bought one each n the market.

Looking for a Melvin for a bit below market.
PM me if you can help me out.
Thanks in advance.smiley

Hi im looking to trade for a seldnor cr wat i have for the offer is
chikko cr 9860
graff 1500 juicy lord 4749
and vermyn n 7500
together thats 23608 im wiling to add some clints pm me fo a faster responce
ty mods

Close plz

I am looking to trade Page Cr for either a ....
2 Zatman
Alec and a Marco and i throw in 5k.

friday 26/06/2009

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