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sunday 26/07/2009

Close Please

Close please .

Close this thread please stupid offer

Wow i posted this in the french boards and still ends up here lol mods you can close this one


I will give you a jaili for a manfred

How do make so much clintz

Hmm....I want Caelus, interested in a Vermyn N + ??? Clints? reply ploxsmiley

My Kolos for your Dalhia, Hawkins and 200 clintz

Jalil and psylo for him

You can close it smiley

U may be able to sell zdrone and malia if both are 0xp for like 300, but otherwise, every1 is right, way overprices...all of them are worth under 300

101k-105k clintz
thanks mod

Im looking to buy a vickie cr for 102k
if you would please put in my PS
ty mods

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Lehane is the best 2 star card, incredible powerful. Some people say that she deserves a permanent ban in Elo. Her price used to be 2000 or even higher. The current price of 1470 is very cheap for such a beast! I doubt that anyone will sell her for 1.2 k.

Less than market price pls and put in my private sales

Pm me if you have. Thank you. smileysmiley

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